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The Ideal Alarm System for Electic Substations and Jobsites

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Tattletale Systems:

manufacturers wireless portable alarm systems which are ideal for a variety of applications. The Tattletale system is the first cellular portable alarm system. The system includes a base unit which has built-in tilt switches as well as an area scanning sensor. To accompany the base unit there are a wide variety of wireless sensor options. Some examples are motion sensors, area scanners, vibration sensors and conductive loop sensors to name a few. The units can be unpacked and installed in minutes especially since all the sensors are wireless.

These systems are ideal for electrical substations, job sites and other areas that are unattended. No one likes to have their property tampered with or stolen and because these systems are portable, they are ideal for all kinds of remote applications. The factory is happy to provide design assistance to help select the right sensors to protect the site. They also provide signs to warn possible intruders that the site is protected.

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