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Eaton Electrical Variable Speed Control

Eaton Electrical:

One of the largest manufacturers of electrical distribution and industrial control products in the US market. Eaton Electrical is known to most for their power distribution and control products which are specified in what is commonly referred to as Division 16 specifications. Eaton Electrical was most recently known as Cutler Hammer and in past years acquired several well-known companies such as Westinghouse and Challenger. While Eaton is best known for relationships in the new construction market for the power distribution portion of new construction projects, the company has a variety of products used in Division 15 specifications though they are not as well-known in this area.

While Eaton is not as well-known as other competitors are to mechanical and HVAC contractors normally associated with Division 15 specifications, they have several distinct advantages in the marketplace. Eaton drives are designed and assembled in the state of Wisconsin and have what is likely the most complete offering of variable frequency drives. In addition, they offer one of the most reliable products with one of the best warranties in the industry.

Intellipass Drive by Eaton Electrical

HVX Intellipass Drive by Eaton Electrical

For the HVAC market, the most popular product is the HVX Intellipass and Intellidisconnect drives. The Intellipass NEMA 1 drive is the smallest drive (as compared to the top 3 competitors in Division 15) with internal disconnect and manual bypass contactors. These units have plain English keypads to make programming easy as well as freely programmable inputs and outputs. Having the smallest footprint saves cost in installation, storage, shipping and other areas. The Intellidisconnect drive is the same drive with one exception. The Intellidisconnect has a disconnect included but does not include bypass contactors. Both the Intellipass and Intellidisconnect drives are available in standard NEMA 1 designs as well as NEMA 3R, NEMA 12 and Stainless Steel enclosures as an option. The HVX drive is also available as a basic NEMA 1 drive which can be installed on a wall or as a component drive as part of an engineered solution. Unless specified otherwise, the enclosed versions of the HVX drives utilize circuit breakers with adjustable current settings rather than fused disconnects which are standard from other manufacturers. The standard AIC rating is 65k and most sizes include a 3% line reactor, RFI and EMI filters as a standard option. THe HOA and Bypass functions are standard keypad options which eliminate the need to install additional switches for these functions. For additional information contact:

For additional information visit www.aapfl.com or email sales@aapfl.com

Introduction to Eaton Corporation

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