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Phase Conversion Products from Phase Technologies

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

AquaPhase Pump ConverterPhase Technologies designs and manufacturers a variety of power conversion products. The primary product line is used to convert single phase to 3 phase power for a variety of applications. While there are a variety of methods for converting single to 3 phase power, Phase Technologies offers digital converters rather than static or rotary converters. Phase Technologies offerings include fixed frequency and variable frequency converters.

Phase Perfect is a digital phase converter for converting 230VAC Single Phase power to 230VAC 3 Phase power. The units produce a near perfect sinusoidal output and are very efficient as compared to other types of converters. Units are available in a NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure. The units can also be supplied with a motor starter so the unit can be used to start and stop a motor without an additional control panel.

AquaPhase Pump Converters add several new capabilities beyond basic phased converters. First the units are available with a voltage doubling capability so 230VAC single phase input units provide a 480VAC 3 Phase output. Additional models are available to convert 480VAC single phase to 3 Phase power. In addition to the phase conversion capabilities, these units also provide a variable frequency output. The units require little or no programming for basic applications and are available with a keypad for status and programming capabilities. Unlike standard variable frequency drives, these units produce little harmonics content and have a harmonic filter included on the front end. AquaPhase units have a basic terminal strip for start / stop functions and speed control. Like the Phase Perfect models these units are available with either a NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosure.

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Web Enabled Controllers from Control Technology Corporation

March 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Based in Hopkinton, MA, CTC is one of the original manufacturers of programmable automation controllers. While most PLC manufacturers adopted Ladder Logic as their method of programming, the concept of ladder programming didn’t make complete sense to the company founder as the story goes… Since the beginnings, CTC adopted state based programming as their standard. The newest family of Blue Fusion controllers all have onboard Ethernet and multiple serial ports.

Quickstep is a text-based programming language used in legacy and the current families of the Blue Fusion 5100 and 5200 series controllers. Quickstep is a multi-threaded application meaning that the controller processes multiple tasks in parallel or simultaneously. This approach allows the controller to quickly process high-speed processes much faster than traditional PLC controllers which use ladder logic or IEC611-31 compliant programs. One of the most attractive features of the state based language used by CTC is that the program is easy to learn for the beginner and it is much simpler to follow for troubleshooting equipment by maintenance personnel who are not proficient with programming.

Quickbuilder takes state based language to a graphical interface and is used by the Blue Fusion 5300 series controllers. Quickbuilder uses flow chart like elements which are even easier to read and develop programs with. The program has a multitude of tools to assist with both writing the program as well as troubleshooting the machine of program.

The Blue Fusion family of controllers are a combination of a PC, a PLC and a Motion Controller all in one compact controller. The PC features include a Web Server, a file system with FTP capabilities and the ability to send and receive emails. The PLC and Motion Controllers are high performance machines which surpass the processing capability of most big name brands out there. These units handle Modbus and other communications and have 32 bit processors unlike most PLC’s which are 16 bit with many of the low-cost bricks which have a small as an 8 bit CPU.

In addition to the many high performance features of the Blue Fusion family of controllers most of the controllers with the exception of the 5100 family can serve custom web pages from the controller. CTC’s Web HMI Builder looks much like HMI software but is used to create custom graphical web pages which are served up by CTC controllers. A CTC controller serving a custom web page is a high performance controller and a Web Enabled SCADA system all in one compact engine.

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Aqua Management takes Industrial Control to the Cloud

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Aqua Management Inc. is an Engineering and Service company which brings a variety of commercial and industrial equipment to the cloud. Based in Las Vegas, the company began its’ business in the irrigation control business to allow customers to enjoy cost savings by remotely starting and stopping pumps, controlling valves while providing log files of run times and usage all over the Internet.

Aqua Management provides a variety of different controllers and communications capabilities to bring the cloud. This includes connections to most major manufacturers of pump controllers, variable frequency drives to allow customers to control and monitor their equipment from any PC with a connection to the Internet.  Also with the latest innovations of smart phones,  their system is available from any smart phone, tablet, computer or laptop with Internet access.

With sleek custom designed web interfaces, customers can spend less time driving from site to site and can spend time on the more important tasks.

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